Wait Safe Bumper Sticker

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Little kids are wild creatures and car parks are big scary places!

And of course there are times that you need to take your eyes off them as much as you don’t want to. Like if you need to put a sibling into or get them out of the car. Rescue that trolley that’s about to go zooming away etc.

Give your kids a safe place to put their hand on the car while you do what you need to and they can wait safely.

Rather than worrying what your little one is up to, give them a fun decal to put their hand on, that way you know where they are and that they are being safe. Choose from one of my existing options in a colour of your choice or send me a message me and I’ll work with you on a special design.

Made with adhesive vinyl they will stay on your car when you want them to and are easy to remove when you’re done or want a change along with the interests of your someone special.

Vinyl is available in black, white, navy, pink, purple, red and teal or I can get other colours at your request.